Spanish Grammar Level 1

Spanish Grammar Level 1

Spanish Grammar Level 1

Welcome to Spanish Grammar Level 1! Learning grammar is always a difficult task. It often becomes tedious to memorise long lists of rules and verbs. Here, in Grammar Level 1, you will learn and review basic and necessary Spanish Grammar. Choose a topic to begin with, watch the video, practice and memorize the rule, and find some time to come back to it to reinforce your learning. Let’s go, simply select a topic:

Basic Grammars for Level 1

1. Spanish accents: Acentos españoles
2.Spanish articles: Artículos en español
3. Spanish Greetings (sentences): Saludos – Oraciones
4. Spanish Questions words: Palabras pregunta
5. Prepositions practice level 1 (verb to go and to come in present tense):
Preposiciones y el verbo ir y venir en tiempo presente
                            a) The preposition “a”: La préposition “a”
                           b) The preposition “de”: La préposition “de”
6. Subject pronouns: Pronombres personales
7. Adjetifs (words): Los adjetivos (words)
8. Adjetifs (sentences): Los adjetivos (oraciones)
9. The negative form: La forma negativa
10. Negative words in Spanish: Las palabras negativas en español
11. Masculine or feminine nouns: Sustantivos masculinos o femeninos


Basic Conjugation for L1

1. 15 Most Common Spanish Verbs: Los 15 verbos españoles más comunes

Grammars Level 1 (verbs)

1. The verb to have (sentences in Present tense): Oraciones con el verbo TENER (Presente)
2. The verb to have and the vowel “A”: El verbo tener y la vocal A
3. The verb To be (sentences in Present tense): Oraciones con el verbo SER o ESTAR (Presente)
4. Verbs AR: Verbs that end in AR (Phonetic pronunciation)
5. Verbs IR: Verbs that end in IR (Phonetic pronunciation)
6. Verbs ER: Verbs that end in ER (Phonetic pronunciation)
7. Regular verbs AR: Verbos Regulares AR
8. Regular verbs IR: Verbos regulares IR
9. Regular verbs ER: Verbos regulares ER

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Spanish Grammar Level 1