Spanish Conversations Level 3

Spanish Conversations Level 3

Spanish Conversations Level 3

Welcome to Spanish Conversations Level 3! If you are in this post it is because you already practice some basic Spanish Conversations ( like the ones that we have in our Spanish Converstation Level 1 and Level 2).

With our Conversations Level 3, you are going to practice more dialogues and start feeling more comfortable talking in Spanish.
Specially in different tenses like present, future and past tense. (imparfait and passé composé).

Enjoy these converstations with the quizlet and the video and practice them as many times as you need.
Learn and practice Conversations level 3, by clicking in the topic of your interest:

Beginners Level 3

1. Scheduling an appointment: Programando una cita
2. Planning an Evening Out: Planificando una salida
3. The nurse and the writer: El enfermero y la escritora
4. Let’s go on vacation: Vamos de vacaciones
5. Let’s go to the movies: Vamos al Cine
6. Let’s go to the restaurant: Vamos al restaurante
7. The doctor and the police: La doctora y el policía
8. The first week of school: La primera semana de colegio

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Spanish Resources for Level 3:

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