Spanish Grammar Level 3

Spanish Grammar Level 3

Spanish Grammar Level 3

Welcome to Spanish Grammar Level 3! If you are in this post it’s because you have already an understanding of the Spanish grammar and you practice already our Spanish Grammar Level 1 and Spanish Grammar Level 2. If not we invite you to do it.

In Grammar Level 3, you are going to keep improving your Spanish grammar, feel more comfortable listening to the radio or TV in Spanish and understanding the structure of the sentences.
Enjoy these topics, and watch their videos as well:

Grammar for Level 3

1. Spanish Homophones: Palabras homofonas
2. Past Tense Indicators : Indicadores de tiempo pasado:
                          a) Indicators of the preterite: Indicadores del pretérito
                          b) Indicators imparfait : Indicadores del imperfecto
3. Irregular Spanish verbs in future simple: Verbos irregulares españoles en futuro simple
4. The idea of time : La idea del tiempo
                          a) Anteriority : Anterioridad Spanish words to express past tense
                          b) Simultaneity : Simultaneidad Spanish words to express present tense
                          c) Posteriority : Posterioridad Spanish words to express futur tense

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Spanish Resources for Level 3:

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