Spanish Conjugation

Spanish Conjugation

Is very important to learn a new language because without good knowledge of how to conjugate our verbs we cannot understand others or express our own ideas. Conjugation  can be a real challenge, but you can expand your knowledge in many different ways. In this page we offer you the conjugation of most common verbs in present, past and future tense.  Start learning and practicing Spanish by Conjugation by clicking in the verb that interests you the most.
Learn how to conjugate Spanish Verbs in different tenses.

TABLE 1: 5 Important Spanish Verbs

SpanishEnglishPresenteImperfectoFuturo SimplePretérito
EstarTo bePresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
SerTo bePresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
TenerTo havePresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
IrTo goPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
Hacerto doPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito

TABLE 2: Regular Spanish Verbs

SpanishEnglishPresent TensePast TenseFuture TensePreterite Tense
-ar ending verbs     
AcariciarTo caressPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
AdelgazarTo lose weightPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
ApreciarTo appreciatePresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
AmarTo lovePresenteImperfectoFutro simplePretérito
BailarTo dancePresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
ComprarTo buyPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple Pretérito
CelebrarTo celebratePresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
CocinarTo cookPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
CantarTo singPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
CenarTo dinnerPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
DibujarTo drawPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
EstudiarTo studyPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
EngordarTo gain weightPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
EsperarTo waitPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
GrabarTo recordPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
Gritarto screamPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
HablarTo speak/talkPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple Pretérito
ImaginarTo imaginePresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
LimpiarTo cleanPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
LlorarTo cryPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
LograrTo succeedPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
PintarTo paintPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
PescarTo fishPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
ReaccionarTo reactPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
TerminarTo finishPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple Pretérito
TrabajarTo workPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple  Pretérito
TomarTo takePresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
TocarTo touchPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
ViajarTo travelPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
NadarTo swimPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple Pretérito
-er ending verbs     
AprenderTo learnPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
ComerTo eatPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple Pretérito
CorrerTo runPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
DeberTo owePresenteImperfectoFuturo simple Pretérito
DescenderTo go downPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
ResponderTo answerPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
Leerto readPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
-ir ending verbs     
VivirTo livePresenteImperfectoFuturo simple Pretérito
ConstruirTo buildPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito

TABLE 3: Irregular Spanish Verbs

SpanishEnglishPresent TensePast TenseFuture TensePreterite Tense
-ar ending verbs     
DarTo givePresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
EstarTo be Presente Imperfecto Futuro simple Pretérito
 Jugar To play Presente Imperfecto Futuro simple Pretérito
OlvidarTo forgetPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
 Soñar To dream Presente Imperfecto Futuro simple  Pretérito
-er ending verbs     
CrecerTo growPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
BeberTo drinkPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple 
Hacer To do Presente Imperfecto Futuro simple Pretérito
Volverto come backPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple
QuererTo wantPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple 
PerderTo losePresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
PonerTo putPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple 
PoderTo be able toPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple 
SaberTo knowPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple 
SerTo be Presente Imperfecto Futuro simple Pretérito
Tener To have Presente Imperfecto Futuro simple Pretérito
ToserTo coughPresente ImperfectoFuturo simple Pretérito
VerTo seePresenteImperfectoFuturo simple 
-ir ending verbs     
Conducir To drivePresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
DormirTo sleepPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple Pretérito
DecirTo sayPresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
ElegirTo choosePresenteImperfectoFuturo simplePretérito
Escribir To writePresenteImperfectoFuturo simple 
Ir To go Presente Imperfecto Futuro simple Pretérito
PreferirTo preferPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple
SalirTo go outPresenteImperfectoFuturo simple 
VenirTo come Presente Imperfecto Futuro simple Pretérito

TABLE 4: Present tense Spanish reflexive verbs conjugation

1AburrirseTo be bored
2AcordarseTo remember
3AcostarseTo go to sleep
4AcercarseTo approach
5AlegrarseTo get happy
6ApresurarseTo hurry up
7CepillarseTo brush yourself
8Despertarse To wake up
9DivertirseTo have fun
10DormirseTo fall asleep
11DucharseTo shower
12EnfadarseTo get angry
13LavarseTo wash up
14LevantarseTo get up
15LlamarseTo call yourself
16MaquillarseTo do your makeup
17PasearseTo walk around
18PeinarseTo comb
19PreguntarseTo wonder
20PreocuparseTo care
21PresentarseTo present oneself
22ProtegerseTo protect oneself
23RelajarseTo relax
24SecarseTo dry
25SentarseTo sit down
26VestirseTo get dress

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Spanish Conjugation
Spanish Conjugation