LIMPIAR (Pretérito)

LIMPIAR (Pretérito)

LIMPIAR (Pretérito)

Learn and practice Spanish with this conjugation LIMPIAR (Pretérito):
The verb “To clean” is conjugated this way in Preterite Tense:

Yo limpié, tú limpiaste, él limpió, ella limpió, nosotros limpiamos, ustedes limpiaron, ellos limpiaron, ellas limpiaron.

To clean – Preterite Tense

Yo limpiéI cleaned
Tú limpiasteYou cleaned (sing.)
Él limpióHe cleaned
Ella limpióShe cleaned
Nosotros limpiamosWe cleaned
Ustedes limpiaronYou cleaned (plur.)
Ellos limpiaronThey cleaned (masc.)
Ellas limpiaronThey cleaned (fem.)

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To clean

To learn the Spanish conjugation, you have to be both rigorous and meticulous: since, among other things, you have to learn the endings of each verb tense for all verbs and memorize the irregular verbs.