LIMPIAR (Imperfecto)

LIMPIAR (Imperfecto)

LIMPIAR (Imperfecto)

Learn and practice Spanish with this conjugation “LIMPIAR (Imperfecto)”:
The verb “To clean” is conjugated this way in Imparfait Tense:

Yo limpiaba, tú limpiabas, él limpiaba, ella limpiaba, nosotros limpiábamos, ustedes limpiaban, ellos limpiaban, ellas limpiaban.

To cleanImperfect Tense

Yo limpiabaI cleaned
Tú limpiabasYou cleaned (sing.)
Él limpiabaHe cleaned
Ella limpiabaShe cleaned
Nosotros limpiábamosWe cleaned
Ustedes limpiabanYou cleaned (plur.)
Ellos limpiabanThey cleaned (masc.)
Ellas limpiabanThey cleaned (fem.)

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To clean – imperfect tense