Spanish Grammar Level 2

Spanish Grammar Level 2

Spanish Grammar Level 2

Welcome to Spanish Grammar Level 2! If you are in this post it is because you know and practice some basic Spanish Grammar ( like the one that we have in our First Grammar Level). Learning grammar is always a difficult task. It often becomes tedious to memorise long lists of rules and verbs. But, with our Grammar Level 2, you are going to practice grammar in a different ways. Enjoy these topics, with our videos, games and audios and practice at your own pace and rhythm. Learn and practice Grammar Level 2, by clicking in the topic of your interest:

Grammar for Level 2

1. Spanish Reflexive verbs:
                                         a) Verbos reflexivos (10 verbs)
                                         b) Verbos reflexivos (Sentences)
2. Spanish Preterit tense: Tiempo pretérito
3. Adverbs of time: Adverbios de tiempo
4. Expressions with the verb “Have”: Expresiones con el verbo “Tener”
5. Word order for showing possession: Orden de las palabras para mostrar posesión
6. Compound Past: Pasada compuesta
                          a) Sentences AR verbs past tense: Oraciones AR verbos en tiempo pasado
                          b) Sentences ER verbs past tense: Oraciones ER verbos en tiempo pasado
                          c) Sentences IR verbs past tense: Oraciones IR verbos en tiempo pasado

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Spanish Resources for Level 2:

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