Los Verbos Reflexivos

Spanish Reflexive verbs - Grammar

Los Verbos Reflexivos 

Los verbos reflexivos o reflexive verbs are actions that the subject is performing upon itself.

They are always conjugated with a reflexive pronoun that agrees with the subject: me (myself), te (yourself), se (himself, herself, itself, themselves), nos (ourselves), and se (yourselves).

In this post you will learn and practice  10 most common ones.

Repeat, write and memorize them and you will increase your Spanish vocabulary, specially when using for your expressing your daily routine.

Spanish reflexive verbs (present conjugation)

Spanish English
1 Llamarse To call yourself
2 Despertarse To wake up
3 Levantarse To get up
4 Lavarse To wash up
5 Ducharse to shower
6 Vestirse to get dress
7 Maquillarse to do your make up
8 Divertirse to have fun
9 Alegrarse to get happy
10 Acordarse To remember

Memorize, play and practice these verbs using the Quizlet:

QUIZ: Practice Spanish reflexive verbs here: 

Practice Spanish reflexive verbs using sentences here: 

Spanish Reflexive verbs


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Spanish Reflexive verbs - Grammar
Spanish Reflexive verbs – Grammar