Spanish Readings Level 1

Spanish Readings Level 1

Spanish Readings Level 1

Welcome to Spanish Readings Level 1! Readings are central to learn a new language and to understand new expressions in the new language. Your first Spanish readings can be challenging, but you can expand your readings skills in many different ways. Practice your comprehension and also your pronunciation using our audios and videos. Do it at your own pace and rhythm.  Learn and practice Spanish readings level1! by clicking in the image that interest you the most:

Readings Level 1

1. My family: Mi familia
2. Coco Chanel: Coco Chanel
3. Disney’s characters: Los Personajes de Disney
4. Chico and Chica: Chico y Chica
5. The mysterious message: Mensaje Misterioso
6. Tahiti: Tahití

Kids stories Level 1

1. Tembo the baby elephant: Tembo el bebé elefante

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Spanish Resources for Level 2:

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Spanish Readings Level 1


Engaging with readings is pivotal in acquiring a new language and grasping novel expressions within it. While your initial encounters with Spanish readings might pose a challenge, there are diverse methods to enhance your reading skills. Strengthen both your comprehension and pronunciation by leveraging our audios and videos. Proceed at a pace that suits you, embracing your own rhythm. Embark on the journey of learning and practicing Spanish readings at level 1! Click on the image that captivates your interest the most to begin.