Tembo el bebé elefante

Tembo el bebé elefante

In this post “Tembo el bebé elefante” you will meet little Tembo a baby elephant that lives in Africa. You will learn what he eats, where he lives and what he likes. This reading will help you to learn and practice Spanish vocabulary. In this story you will find the English subtitles that will help you to understand the reading.


Spanish English
Tembo es un pequeño bebé elefante.
Vive en África con su madre, sus hermanas y sus tías.
Ama a su su familia
No come  carne 
Tiene un amigo llamado Omar.
Tembo is a little baby elephant.
He lives in Africa with his mother, sisters and aunts.
He loves his family
He does not eat meat 
He has a friend named Omar.

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