Canción del espejo

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Canción del espejo

Spanish Circles: Singing is an amazing way to improve your language learning. “Canción del espejo” is a beautiful song that can help children to learn and remember Spanish vocabulary.




El otro día un espejo encontré,
me puse delante, me quería ver.
Moví una mano y él la movió,
lo saludé y me saludó.
Levanté una pierna, él la levantó,
moví la cabeza y él la movió.
Guiñé un ojo y él lo guiñó,
moví la cintura y la movió.
Me puse un sombrero y me lo saqué,
inflé un globo y lo reventé.
Subí la escalera y la bajé,
me senté en el suelo y me quede.
Abrí la ducha y me bañé,
me lavé la cara y me peiné.
Me limpié los dientes y bostecé,
tomé la leche y me marche.
Lalaira, lala, laralala.
The other day I found a mirror,
I stood in front, he wanted to see me.
I moved a hand and he moved it,
I greeted him and he greeted me.
I raised a leg, he raised it,
I shook my head and he shook it.
I winked and he winked,
I moved my waist and he moved it.
I put on a hat and took it off,
I inflated a balloon and popped it.
I went up the ladder and down,
I sat down on the floor and stayed.
I turned on the shower and bathed,
I washed my face and combed my hair.
I brushed my teeth and yawned,
I took the milk and left.
Lalaira, lala, laralala.

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canción del espejo-Spanishcircles
Cancion del espejo