Spanish Greetings (sentences)

Spanish Greetings (sentences) - grammar

Spanish Greetings (sentences)

Spanish Greetings (sentences): The importance of first impressions. We bring you some prayers on how to say “hello” and “goodbye”. Words like “Hello” and “Goodbye” are the first steps of the language. There is always a beginning so you can start, start with a big smile.

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Grammar : Spanish Greetings sentences

Spanish English
Buenos días, (yo) me llamo Maya. Good Morning, my name is Maya.
Hola, yo soy Patricia. Hi, I am Patricia.
Buenos días a todos (ustedes). Good morning to you all.
Buenas tardes señor. Good afternoon sir.
Buenas noches mi angelito. Goodnight my angel.
Hasta pronto señora. See you soon madam.
Hasta mañana amigos! See you tomorrow, guys !
Que tengas un buen día. Have a good day.
Que tengas una buena noche. Have a good evening.
Hasta la vista, baby! See you soon, baby!

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Spanish Greetings (sentences) - grammar