Negative words in Spanish

Negative words in Spanish

Negative words in Spanish are used to negate statements, express denial, or indicate the absence of something. Here you have a compilation of these frequently used words in Spanish:

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Grammar : Palabras negativas

Spanish English
No Do not
No más Not anymore / no longer
Nunca Never
Nada Nothing
Nadie Nobody or no one
Ninguno None
Ni…ni Neither…nor
Sin Without

Here are some “Palabras negativas” examples :

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Palabras negativas en español

Negative words in Spanish are essential for altering the meaning of a sentence, contradicting statements, expressing denial, or signaling the absence of something specific. By using these words, the context of a statement can be changed to reflect a contrary idea or the lack of something desired or expected. Below, I present a detailed compilation of these words that are commonly used in the Spanish language, helping you better understand their use and application in different linguistic contexts: