Spanish Conversations Level 2

Spanish Conversations Level 2

Spanish Conversations Level 2

Welcome to Spanish Conversations Level 2! If you are in this post it is because you already practice some basic Spanish Conversations ( like the ones that we have in our French Converstation Level 2).

With our Spanish Conversations Level 2, you are going to practice more dialogues and start feeling more comfortable talking in French.
Specially in different tenses like present, future and past tense. (imparfait and passé composé).

Enjoy these converstations with the quizlet and the video and practice them as many times as you need.
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Beginners level 2

1. What did you do during this weekend?: ¿Qué hiciste este fin de semana?
2. What do you want to do during this weekend?: ¿Qué quieres hacer este fin de semana?
3. Conversation-the Family: Conversación La familia
4. My favorite hobby: Mi pasatiempo favorito
5. Winter cold: El invierno – El frio
6. Travel Conversation: Conversación de viajes
7. Travel reservations: Reservación para un viaje
8. Directions: How can I get to the movie theater, please?: Para ir al cine por favor?
9. Do you practice any sport?: ¿Practicas algún deporte?
10. Rent an apartment: Rentar un apartamento
11. Do you have a pet?: ¿Tiene una mascota?

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Spanish Resources for Level 2:

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Spanish Conversations Level 2