Spanish Readings Level 2

Spanish Readings Level 2

Spanish Readings Level 2

Welcome to Spanish Readings Level 2! If you are in this post it’s because you have some basic Spanish readings ( like the one that we have in our First readings Level) and you practice already our Spanish Readings level 1.

In Readings Level 2, you are going to keep improving your listening skills.

Enjoy these topics, and listen to the video at least twice in order to compete the comprehension exercise under the video. So, let’s go and choose a topic of your interest:

Readings Level 2

1. The house: La casa 
2. The trip: El viaje
3. 11 resolutions for kids: 11 resoluciones para los niños
4. 10 good resolutions for the new year: 10 buenas resoluciones para el nuevo año
5. A trip to England: Un viaje a Inglaterra
6. Describe your day: Describe tu día

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Spanish Resources for Level 2:

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Feel free to express your thoughts, ask questions, and explore different conversational scenarios. The more you engage, the more confident and proficient you’ll become in expressing yourself in Spanish. So, take a step forward, choose a conversation topic that sparks your curiosity, and let the learning unfold!