Online Free Spanish Tests

Online Free Spanish Tests

Online Free Spanish Tests

Tests are important to learn a new language because they help you to practice and to test yourself. In this page we offer you different Spanish test topics, for grammar and vocabulary just to practice at your own pace and rhythm.  Learn and practice with our online free Spanish tests by clicking in the image that interest you the most.  Take our online free Spanish tests as many times as you need to and keep practicing.

Vocabulary Tests

Grammar Tests

Reading Tests


Tests for Level 1

Test Level 1 – Vocabulary

1. Greetings Test : Saludos
2. The Family Test : La familia
3. The Professions Test : Las profesiones
4. The Days Test : Los días
5. The Months Test : Los meses
6. The Numbers Test : Los números
7. The Countries Test : Los Países
8. Places to go Test : Lugares
9. Seasons of the year Test : Estaciones del año
10. The weather Test : El clima
11. Family members Test : Los miembros de la Familia


Test Level 1 – Grammar

1. Vocabulary Level 1 Test : Vocabulario Nivel 1 Prueba
2. Subject Pronouns Test : Pronombres sujetos
3. Prepositions Test : Preposiciones
4. Personal Questions Test : Preguntas Personales
5. Masculine and feminine Test : Masculino y femenino
6. Adjectives Test : Adjetivos en español
7. To be  & To have Spanish Test :SER ESTAR TENER 
8. The Verb to be Test : El Verbo “ser”
9. The Verb to go Test : El Verbo “Ir”
10. The Verb to do Test : El Verbo “hacer”
11. The Verb to have Test : El Verbo “tener”
12. Introducing Yourself : Presentación Personal

Test Level 2 – Grammar

1. Reflexive verbs Test: Verbos reflexivos
2. Regular verbs conjugation Test : Verbos regulares

Test Level 2 – Vocabulary

1. The colors Test: Los colores
2. Food and drink Test: Comidas y bebidas

Important dates

1. Christmas Test : Navidad
2. New year Test : Año Nuevo

Reading Comprehension Level 1

1. Coco Chanel – Test: Coco Chanel

Reading Comprehension Level 2

1. Who is Mr. Adams? – Test: ¿Quién es el señor Adams?

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Online Free Spanish Tests