Regular Spanish verbs conjugation test

Regular Spanish verbs conjugation Test

Tests are important to learn a new language because they help you practice and test yourself. Take “Regular Spanish conjugation test” in order to practice Spanish regular verbs. Before taking this test we suggest you to practice the vocabulary and conjugation of regular verbs in our Resource Conjugation – Table 2: Regular Spanish verbs . Once you have completed the test please click on the submit button. Then just scroll up and you can check your mark and answers right away. You can redo this test as many times as you need to keep practicing. Enjoy

Let’s start (Regular Spanish conjugation verbs – Test)!

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Learning conjugation is a very important task. Without good knowledge of how to conjugate our verbs we cannot understand others or express our own ideas. Conjugation can be a real challenge, but you can really expand your knowledge in many different ways once you get familiar with it. So don’t wait more and practice more conjugation here: