Verbos regulares IR

Verbos regulares IR

Verbos regulares IR

In this post, Verbos regulares IR, you can learn and practice Spanish regular verbs ending in IR, like vivir (to live) subir (to go up), and others.

Verbos regulares IR – Flashcards

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Grammar : Regular verbs “IR”

Spanish English
vivir to live
permitir to allow
abrir to open
escribir to write
partir to break/split
cubrir to cover
asistir to attend
discutir to discuss / argue
subir to go up / rise
existir to exist
decidir to decide
omitir to omit
admitir to let in/accept
recibir to receive
descubrir to discover
añadir to add
describir to describe
interrumpir to interrupt
sufrir to suffer
ocurrir to occur/happen


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Verbos regulares IR