Verbos regulares ER

Verbos regulares ER

Verbos regulares ER

In this post, Verbos regulares ER, you can learn and practice Spanish regular verbs ending in ER, like comer (to eat) creer (to beleive),and others. Then you can review the flashcards in the following Quizlet. Feel free to use the different options from Quizlet, such us match, learn, test or spell. At the end you can test yourself by doing the Quiz.

Verbos regulares ER –  flashcards

Grammar : Regular verbs “ER”

Spanish English
creer to believe
romper to break
toser to cough
beber to drink
comer to eat
aprender to learn
leer to read
responder to respond
correr to run
ver to see
vender to sale
comprender to understand
prometer to promise
deber to owe / should
meter (en) to put (in)
temer to fear / be afraid
poseer to possess
esconder to hide
escoger to choose


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Verbos regulares ER