15 important verbs

15 Spanish important verbs

15 important verbs

In this post we are going to practice: 15 important verbs. Practicing verbs in Spanish is quite similar to English. It’s really just a matter of learning the vocabulary. So practice these 15 important verbs.

Infinitive form (Spanish) Infinitive form   (English) Spanish English
1.Ser to be Yo soy una estudiante. I’m a student.
2.Estar to be Tú estás en el parque. You are in the park.
3.Tener to have Él tiene una radio. He has a radio.
4.Hacer to do Ella hace la cena para toda la familia. She makes dinner for the whole family.
5.Ir to go Nosotros vamos al cine. We go to the cinema.
6. Hablar to speak Ustedes hablan español. You speak Spanish.
7. Vivir to live Ellos viven en Mississauga. They live in Mississauga.
8. Trabajar to work A veces, Maya trabaja los sábados. Sometimes, Maya works on Saturdays.
9. Escuchar to listen Andy escucha música rock. Andy listens to rock music.
10. Comprar to buy Tú compras pan para el desayuno. You buy bread for breakfast.
11. Abrir to open Ellos abren la botella de vino. They open the bottle of wine.
12. Leer to read Ustedes leen una novela de suspenso. You read a thriller.
13. Terminar to finish Ella termina su tarea. She finishes her homework.
14. Comer to eat Nosotros comemos una manzana roja We eat a red apple.
15. Querer To want Yo quiero aprender tres idiomas I want to learn three languages.

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Enjoy Spanish 15 important verbs
15 Spanish important verbs

15 verbos importantes