SOÑAR (Imperfecto)

SOÑAR (Imperfecto)

SOÑAR (Imperfecto)

Learn and practice Spanish with this conjugation “SOÑAR (Imperfecto)”:
The verb “To dream” is conjugated this way in Imparfait Tense:

Yo soñaba, tú soñabas, él soñaba, ella soñaba, nosotros soñábamos, ustedes soñaban, ellos soñaban, ellas soñaban

To dream- Imperfect Tense

Yo soñabaI was dreaming
Tú soñabasYou were dreaming (sing.)
Él soñabaHe was dreaming
Ella soñabaShe was dreaming
Nosotros soñábamosWe were dreaming
Ustedes soñabanYou were dreaming (plur.)
Ellos soñabanThey were dreaming (masc.)
Ellas soñabanThey were dreaming (fem.)

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To dream imperfect