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Una historia de Otoño

Una historia de Otoño In this post, you will read the enchanting tale of “Una historia de Otoño” or “A Story of Autumn.” Through this narrative, you’ll have the opportunity to enrich your Spanish vocabulary while exploring the beauty of autumn, a cherished season that holds a unique place in the yearly cycle. To enhance...

La Navidad - explicación - Readings

La Navidad – explicación

La Navidad – explicación In this post, “La Navidad – explicación”, you will learn about the Christmas, one of the most cherishedlonged for by the whole family. Its arrival makes us reflect on love, unity and the relationship with our family and friends. This holiday is celebrated in many different ways around the world, and...

La Guitarra compositora - Readings

La Guitarra compositora

La Guitarra compositora In this post: “La Guitarra compositora – The Composer Guitar”, you will learn a beautiful story about Mauricio and his magic guitar. The melodies and songs that they offered to the public …Read this story and you will enjoy the ending and you will also improve your vocabulary in Spanish. Spanish English...

El carpintero - Readings

El carpintero

El carpintero In this post: “El carpintero – The carpenter”, you will learn about a nice story in a working day of a carpenter. Tools get animated and started talking between them …Read this story and you will enjoy the ending and also you will improve your Spanish vocabulary. According to El carpintero –...