Los días – The days

Los días - The days - DAYS

Los días – The days

Learn and practice Spanish vocabulary “los días – the days” : Lunes, martes, viernes… Watch the video and practice how to say these words in Spanish. Then use the quizlet to review them (Feel free to use the different study modes from quizlet, such us match, learn, test or spell to practice more. Enjoy the days and learn the days of the week in Spanish.
You will soon improve your vocabulary and your understanding of Spanish!

Learn Spanish vocabulary about the days of the week (Los días de la semana).

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the weekendEl fin de semana

Practice more about the days of the week: review more vocabulary, try a dictation, listen to the reading and enjoy the conversation:

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Welcome to: Los días – Vocabulary!

Use the verb ser to express the day. You will soon learn more about this verb. For now, simply realize that the word “es” is a conjugation of that verb, and is the correct verb in this use.

¿Qué día es hoy? What day is today?

Hoy es lunes. Today is Monday.

Mañana es martes. Tomorrow is Tuesday.

Los días - The days

The days