Yo vivo en

Yo vivo en

In this post, Yo vivo en – Spanish Questions, I live in…, you will practice the pronunciation to describe where you live in Spanish. You have a video and a quiz to practice this basic phrase. You can also review the quiz cards and then continue practicing using the other options like match, learn, try, or spell.

Describe where you live:

Hola! Yo vivo en Mississauga
Hola! Yo vivo en Brampton
Hola! Yo vivo en London
Hola! Yo vivo en Toronto
Hi! I live in Mississauga
Hi! I live in Brampton
Hi! I live in London
Hi! I live in Toronto
Hola! Yo vivo en Francia
Hola! Yo vivo en India
Hola! Yo vivo en Bolivia
Hola! Yo vivo en Colombia
Hola! Yo vivo en Canada
Hello! I live in France
Hello! I live in India
Hello! I live in Bolivia
Hello! I live in Colombia
Hello! I live in Canada

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Yo vivo en – Spanish Questions