Spanish adjectives sentences

Spanish Adjectives

Spanish adjectives (sentences)

Spanish adjectives sentences: Learn and practice Spanish adjectives with these sentences. You can also practice these sentences in a small dictation.
Adjectives  indicate or point out the person, place, or thing to which a speaker is referring. For instance, “this sweater” or “That pair of socks.” They precede and agree in number and gender with the nouns they modify. In Spanish, you select the demonstrative adjective according to the distance of the noun from the speaker.

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Spanish adjectives –  list


Yo) soy inteligente
Tú eres curiosa
Él es responsable
Ella es activa
(Nosotros) somos canadienses
Ustedes son francesas
(Ellos) son fuertes
Ellas son gemelas
Yo soy el mejor amigo de Maya
Usted es una enfermera en el Hospital General de Montreal
Él es un dentista muy ocupado
Ella es una famosa actriz de televisión
(Nosotros) somos músicos profesionales
Ustedes son vendedores de frutas
(Ellos) son mayores que yo
(Ellas) son más pequeñas que tú


I am intelligent (m)
You are curious (f.s.)
He is responsible
She is active
We are Canadian (m)
You are French (f)
They are strong
They are twins
I am Maya’s best friend (m)
You are a nurse at the Montreal General Hospital
He is a busy dentist
She is a famous television actress
We are professional musicians
You are fruit sellers
They are older than me
They are smaller than you


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Spanish adjectives sentences