Sama Personal presentation

Sama personal presentation

Sama Personal presentation

In this Post you will find Sama Personal presentation. You have a video and a quizlet for practicing a basic small presentation. Start reviewing the flashcards from the quizlet and then feel free to continue with the practice using the other options such us match, learn, test or spell. Enjoy

Personal presentation –  flashcards

Personal Presentation 

Me llamo Sama
Vivo en Oakville
Yo soy una enfermera
Mi cumpleaños es el quince de noviembre
Yo tengo 27 años
Me gusta mucho leer
Me gusta viajar
En mi familia somos tres personas:
Mi esposo, mi bebe y yo
Mi estación preferida es el la primavera
Me gusta ir de compras
My name is Sama
I live in Oakville
I’m a nurse
My birthday is the fifteenth of November
I am 27 years old
I really like reading
I like to travel
In my family we are three people:
My husband, my baby and I
My favorite season is spring
I like to go shopping

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