El cuerpo-The body

El cuerpo-The body - BODY

El cuerpo-The body

Learn and practice about “El cuerpo-The body” in Spanish: knowing the body parts in Spanish helps people deepen their learning. Here we bring you content that will help you in this topic.
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The body –  flashcards

The body –  list

the headla cabeza
the hairlos cabellos
the nosela nariz
the earslas orejas
the eyeslos ojos
the mouthla boca
the teethlos dientes
the tonguela lengua
the cheekslas mejillas
the eyebrowslas cejas
the armlos brazos
the neckel cuello
the elbowel codo
the ankleel tobillo
the throatla garganta
the shoulderel hombro
the handla mano
the wristla muñeca
the chestel pecho
the bellyel abdómen
the kneela rodilla
the footel pie
the toelos dedos del pié
the nailla uña

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