Cápsula 19 – Círculos de conversación

Cápsula 19 – Círculos de conversación

In this post “Cápsula 19 – Círculos de conversación” we offer you 3 familiar questions that will help you in your conversations. You can use this capsule to interact with a person in a simple way by asking and answering these 3 simple questions. Enjoy!

Cápsula 19

1.- ¿Qué has hecho últimamente?1.- What have you been up to lately?
2.- ¿Tienes planes para esta noche?2.- Do you have any plans for tonight?
3.- Menciona algún acontecimiento reciente, noticias locales o internacionales.3.- Name any recent events, local or international news.

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Capsule 19

Expanding Conversations” provides you with a trio of familiar questions designed to enhance your interactive skills. These questions serve as a conversational capsule, allowing you to effortlessly engage with others in a straightforward manner. By posing and responding to these three simple inquiries, you’ll find an enjoyable and effective means to connect with people, fostering a comfortable and meaningful exchange. So, dive into this conversational capsule, and discover the ease and joy of interaction it brings to your discussions! his dialogue toolkit is crafted to seamlessly integrate into various social settings, enabling you to effortlessly navigate exchanges with confidence. By incorporating these simple yet impactful questions into your conversations, you’ll not only stimulate engaging discussions but also strengthen your interpersonal communication skills.